Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Tidings "Door Swag"

Christmas preparations are in full swing now! Kyle and I picked out a beautiful Christmas tree, and I used the leftover pine branches for front door decor. Lowe's sells similar (but not nearly as cute) "door swag."

Kyle managed to tie the branches together very nicely using beadwire.
Using the same cricut cartridge I did yesterday "Winter Frolic," I made this very fun sign! I cut the phrase shadow at 5 1/2, which was the maximum size. The phrase nesting inside of the shadow I cut at 5 3/4.

I used "Diamond Dust" around the border of the shadow phrase to make it look like snow. I added a bow front and center from some of last year's recycled ribbon.

Back to my game of Taboo! Kelly's visiting us! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Winter Frolic - Snow Angel

So excited that Christmas has officially been kicked off! Since I have a couple of days off, I've tried to craft a little bit here and there...

Lola, our "Welcome" cow in front of our door has been wearing a "BOO" sign that I found in the $1 section at Target since Halloween, and tonight, I decided that it was time that she caught up to speed with the next big holiday!

After perusing the pages of my cricut cartridge,
"Winter Frolic," and consulting Kristin, we decided to make Lola our "Snow Angel."

I used 3 different types of paper and the "Snow Angel" phrase shadow, phrase, and shift phrase cut at 5" to create this sign. The snowflakes are from a foam pack that I found at Joann's for a few dollars. They are partly what inspired me to make this sign. I punched a hole on the outer edge of each snowflake and used twine to tie the sign around Lola's neck.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Wedding Season!

Hello Everyone!

There has recently been a flurry of engagements and soon-to-be weddings, so I've had a lot of fun making some engagement and shower cards / gifts. It's really made me want to get on top of my own wedding scrapbook, which has kind of fallen in line after pages for our engagement, my wedding showers, bachelorette party, and our honeymoon (not necessarily in that order!)

Since this post is wedding themed, I will go ahead and post pictures of a couple of projects:

1) A washcloth tower cake for Katie's wedding shower gift
I had wanted to try one of these for awhile now, and I wasn't quite sure how to construct it. After watching a couple of youtube videos that were mildly helpful, I just improvised, used what I had, and figured out how to make a bunch of towels look like a cake. Materials I used were:
  • 13 washcloths (rolled and pinned with sewing pins)
  • a roll of toilet paper to use as the base (I covered it with a linen napkin; napkins were the other part of Katie's gift)
  • scotch tape (I didn't have any double sided tape to adhere the rolled washcloths loosely to the base)
  • damask print ribbon (Costco)
  • safety pins to fasten ribbon around layers
2) A wedding shower card for Katie :)
I made this with Cricut's "Simply Charmed," and some fun cuddlebug embossing folders on Kristin's newly acquired "Sizzix Big Shot." The face was stamped on from Peachy Keen Stamps. LOVE THESE FACES!
3) An engagement card for Heather and James :)
Hope you enjoy! More to share soon!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Flowers that Match My Classroom!

Kyle's out of town, and instead of Kristin and I having a girls night out, we are having a girls night in with Pizza and paper flower making... :) Thanks for joining us, Fran!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Project #1 - Paper Flowers with the Cricut

We are SOO enamored with these paper flowers...the first night I learned how to make the flowers with my cricut, I told my husband that I was indefatigable in my flower construction! Kristin and I are obsessed with them and think that the possibilities are endless.

Before I post instructions, I will go ahead and post some pictures as a little preview. Enjoy!


kd pie design did not happen overnight...We are two sisters (Katie (kd) and Kristin D. (kd)) with artistic aspirations that our day jobs do not provide. We LOVE anything "cute," especially when it has to do with anything crafty, hence the genesis of this blog.

We don't know where this endeavor will lead us, but in looking at other blogs, we have been very inspired to share the variety of things we create with all of you. For now I will take the lead on posting because Kristin, an accountant, has to work full time while I am reveling in my summer vacation from teaching, but you should know that not many projects are created that are not a product of both of our imagination and execution. :) We work well together (for the most part!)