Friday, July 15, 2011

Flowers that Match My Classroom!

Kyle's out of town, and instead of Kristin and I having a girls night out, we are having a girls night in with Pizza and paper flower making... :) Thanks for joining us, Fran!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Project #1 - Paper Flowers with the Cricut

We are SOO enamored with these paper flowers...the first night I learned how to make the flowers with my cricut, I told my husband that I was indefatigable in my flower construction! Kristin and I are obsessed with them and think that the possibilities are endless.

Before I post instructions, I will go ahead and post some pictures as a little preview. Enjoy!


kd pie design did not happen overnight...We are two sisters (Katie (kd) and Kristin D. (kd)) with artistic aspirations that our day jobs do not provide. We LOVE anything "cute," especially when it has to do with anything crafty, hence the genesis of this blog.

We don't know where this endeavor will lead us, but in looking at other blogs, we have been very inspired to share the variety of things we create with all of you. For now I will take the lead on posting because Kristin, an accountant, has to work full time while I am reveling in my summer vacation from teaching, but you should know that not many projects are created that are not a product of both of our imagination and execution. :) We work well together (for the most part!)